Our Proprietary Blend Ice Melt

Green•Melt was developed by The Natural Landscape and is our own innovative proprietary blend of magnesium chloride, corrosion inhibitors, organic compounds and green dye. Green•Melt is the best solution for your most challenging winter issues.

Green•Melt is proven to:

  • Melt faster
  • Work longer
  • Require less product
  • Be environmentally preferred
  • AND be safer for concrete

Green•Melt is the proven advanced ice melt product if you require FAST, SUPERIOR ICE CONTROL

  • Innovative formula field tested and proven to -25° F
  • Advanced ice melter can leave bare, dry ground
  • Less corrosive than rock salt
  • Provides residual for upcoming storms
  • Less bounce and scatter means less waste
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We manufacture Green•Melt Treated Salt at our nearby Salt Depot and deliver to customers throughout MA, RI, NH, ME, CT and NY.

It all starts with dry, mined salt from Egypt which is thoroughly mixed in our pugmill with our formulated proprietary blend of ingredients to precise specifications, creating superior de-icing and anti-icing abilities

For more information about Green•Melt Treated Rock Salt and current pricing for delivery to your location, call 508-466-8246.

Need a bin to store your Green•Melt?
The Natural Landscape Supply has concrete blocks!

The supply division of The Natural Landscape can provide the perfect bin blocks for storage of Green•Melt and other seasonal supplies and equipment.

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